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Numerology is far more than just NUMBERS


VASTU SHASTRA                   

Vastu Shastra is the skill that leads to an auspiciously designed building/home. It strings in the science, art, astronomy and astrology together. The scared knowledge of design & architecture guides in planning the space which is harmonized with nature, its element and energy fields, so that the building is propitious and the dweller may enjoy health, wealth, growth, Prosperity, and happiness of all sorts

Science has recognized the existence of two kinds of energies in the universe - positive & negative. It is also established that the energy can neither be created nor destructed but certainly be transformed. However, there isn’t a definitive process or method for transforming the negative energy into positive energy. Moreover, where science stops, super science begins; Vastu is a branch of Super Science which enlightens the proven means of energy transformation.

With our expert consultancy make your house/office/factories/shops etc.. Vastu compliant with no or minimum restructuring of the premise

So is your premise Vastu Shastra compliant!


  1. House & office                                                                                               

  2. Factories & industries                                                                               

  3. Layout / architectural design of new house & office                  

  4. Selecting new plots for building house, factories, office etc.


Numerology is the study of numbers wherein every number has a different vibration. The total of date of birth and the total of the name of an individual – after assigning numerical value to each alphabet – is what presents the interrelation between the two. The kind of relationship the numbers possess with each other defines a lot many things about a person like the purpose of life, character, talent, and the goals etc.

Numerology is more like an index of encyclopedia of life. It indicates the signpost – the high points or the possible opportunities, and the low points or the possible danger an individual may encounter along life’s path.

So are your numbers in sync!  GET YOUR NUMEROLOGY CHART PREPARED!

Consultations for:                                          

  1. Job stability and promotion                               

  2. Health improvement                                            

  3. Success and Prosperity in personal life      

  4. Instilling love in a relationship/marriage    

  5. Continued success or growth in Business

  6. Family bonding and love                                   

  7. Naming new born child                                      



Our Services


Main Office ( Kalyan, Maharashtra):

Cambridge Building,Urbanville complex,Godrej hill road, Kalyan West, Maharashtra 421301.

Branch Office ( Worli, Mumbai):

16/60 Century Staff Qts, P.B Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030.

Branch Office ( Vapi, Gujarat):

Pramukh Aura, Vapi Daman Road, Vapi Chala, Vapi, Gujarat 396191.

Phone: 9136459965

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